Tenant Fees

Tenant Fees

We’ve been established for over 27 years, a full member of ARLA and being a SAFEagent; offering you a Client Money Protection Scheme. We’re further accredited with the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme, London Rental Standard and of course like every agent, we’re members of The Property Ombudsman.You should always choose agents that display these accreditations, which provide the assurance that you will receive a high standard of service and peace of mind that your deposit is safe in the hands of agents that abide by a strict code of conduct.

At Property Link, we provide a full list of associated costs from the beginning through to the end of your tenancy. It’s always best to speak directly to your consultant to confirm which charges would be applicable to you.

All fees are subject to VAT as indicated (with full fees displayed for your convenience).


Initial Fixed Fee (dependent on property size) – This includes deposit submission/holding, credit checks, referencing checks, right to rent checks, check-in inventory fee and setting up of tenancy.

Studio flat £300 + VAT (£ 360)
One Bedroom £400 + VAT (£ 480)
Two Bedrooms £500 + VAT (£ 600)
Three Bedrooms £550 + VAT (£ 660)
Four Bedrooms £600 + VAT (£ 720)
Five Bedrooms + £675 + VAT (£ 810)

An explanation of all included services in the Initial Fixed Fee is given below:

Deposit submission All rental properties require a deposit be taken and securely held throughout the tenancy period. It is registered and protected under the Deposit Protection Scheme.
Credit checks These checks are made as part of the landlords’ agreement with us to ensure you have a positive credit history.
Referencing checks These include checks that are made with landlords and/or employers to ensure affordability.
Right to Rent Check This is a check on your eligibility to live in the UK and is a legal requirement.
Check-in Inventory A thorough inspection report of the entire property including details of furniture provided at the commencement of the tenancy.
Setting up tenancy This involves drawing up of the tenancy agreement for consent by all relevant parties.

During your Tenancy

Tenancy Renewal Should you need to renew your tenancy agreement after the initial term, we will be required to prepare and set up a new tenancy £200 + VAT (£240)
Tenancy Amendment Amending terms of your agreement or upgrading your tenancy agreement during the tenancy £250 + VAT (£300)
Late/Returned Payment Rent payment made after the rent due date, or for any returned payment £40 + VAT (£48)
Early Termination of Tenancy If you vacate the property prior to the end of the term, you will remain liable to pay rent until the term expires or the property is re-let, whichever is earlier. Should the property be re-let during the fixed term you will be responsible for the repayment of any pro-rata commission fees that have been or will be incurred by the landlord for the unexpired portion of the tenancy. You will also be responsible for any other reasonable costs
(e.g. tel line, TV contracts, cleaning, admin fees etc) incurred from that point until the end of the term.
Repayment of pro-rata commission for unexpired period +
Reasonable costs


Reference Request Should you need any reference from us at the end of your tenancy £20 + VAT (£24)
Check-out Inventory A thorough inspection report at the termination of the tenancy £99 + VAT (£118.80)


Provision of copy documents Should you require any copy documents by email or hard copy £20 + VAT (£24)